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If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer and exporter of luxury trends, you have landed at the right place. We believe in providing value to our clients. That’s why each tent we deliver is nothing but the best. You can choose from different types of tents, such as Shamiyana, Umbrella, Safari Tent, Arabian Tent, Wedding Tent, Garden Tent, Luxury Tent and even more. These premium tents are suited for Retreats, Weddings, Tourism and Resorts. Our finished tents can easily fit beautifully with the environment. These tents are truly comfortable and elegant to serve different purposes. You can use these tents in a private garden or outside dining in your hotel. One can easily erect these tents within a few hours and pull down without any specific tool.


Indian Tent - Exclusive Range of Tents

We offer an exclusive range of signature tents made of top quality fabric. You can also rely on us for attractive exteriors and interiors of tents. You may call us for customizing your tent as per your unique needs. Our craftsmen are experienced in tent manufacturing. Their workmanship gives a beautiful look to the tent.


Indian Tent - Quality

We are devoted to manufacture and export luxury tents to our customers. We use top quality materials in the manufacturing process without any compromise on quality. We have strong intent to develop top quality tents which are made of top class fabric. They are durable, strong and can provide protection you have always wanted.


Indian Tent - Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is No.1 priority for us. At Indian Tents, we endeavor to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Favorable feedback from our clients keeps us committed to deliver better quality tents. .

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