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About Us

In order to make your dreamy wedding or event successful and stand out, Indian Tents is the leading manufacturer and exporter of luxury tents. We are offering an exclusive range of lavish marquees, canopies, Indian wedding tents and pavilions. All our tents are made by our experienced craftsmen with natural materials and employing several skills like tassel making, dyeing, block printing, mirror work, embroidery, weaving, etc. to name a few.
We offer lavish and well designed tents to entertain and offer aesthetically beautiful space to your guests. These tents make an appealing setting to show off serene environments. We also provide a range of signature accessories like lanterns, royal table and royal seating to accommodate the hosts and guests. Our professional and dedicated installation team is well versed to keep our clients’ desires at the forefront and go the extra mile to make their event as classy as possible.

Our Product Line

At Indian Tents, we are renowned for manufacturing creative mythical tents, especially to host traditional ceremonies and events. All our merchandise is designed by expert craftsmen, including royal tents, wedding tents, beach tents, pergola tents, children tents, garden tents, handmade tents, and pavilion tents, and Arabian tents.

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Our vision

Indian Tents is envisioned to manufacture and design traditional tents while giving proper attention to our clients’ needs. We are aimed to offset carbon footprint in our environment. We have a creative and skilled team of event specialists and marquee to export beautiful furnishings and prompts that are made of quality materials.

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